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-> Company public records
May 07, 10:25
Question by (Grace)

Consumer Report: Davidson Transfer and Storage (United), USDOT #110447

Hi! Any information you can give me about United's Davidson Transfer and Storage would be great! Thanks! Grace

May 07, 22:16
Answer by alexzehn (Alex Z.)

Davidson Transfer and Storage, USDOT#110447

Safety Of Use Rating: AAA
(100%, OUTSTANDING PERFORMER - see how we calculate SOUR)

From their website

  • This company is an agent for United Van Lines.
  • Licensing information: US DOT #110447, MC #69281
  • Contact Information:
    (410) 488-9200
    6600 Frankford Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21206-4986

  • Members of: AMSA

From reveals the following information:
  • Licensing info: US DOT #110447, MC #69281
  • Trucks: 20.
  • Phones: (410) 488-9200
  • Office location: 6600 Frankford Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21206
  • The information in the report indicates no problems with their license and insurance.
  • Inspections section shows the following statistics:
    - Driver out-of-service rating: below the national average
    - Vehicle out-of-service rating: below the national average

    There is one crash listed resulting in injury, however their Carrier Safety Rating is Satisfactory
From Better Business Bureau:

There is also another BBB report for the furniture retail company with the same name and address (presumably same owners), with 1 complaint, however we will only consider the moving company for the purpose of this investigation.

  • Not members of the BBB
  • Original Business Start Date: October 1993
  • Number of complaints processed in the last 36 months: none.
    From other sources:
    • mentioned once, no remarks, no red flags.
    • no mentioning of that company on
    • no mentioning of that company on
    • no mentioning of that company on
    • no mentioning of that company on
    • Other Sources: no other mentioning of that company found elsewhere.


    I would highly recommend this company. It has all the credentials to qualify for AAA rating (Outstanding Performer), due to a variety of factors: large fleet, no complaints, agents of major van lines, almost 30 years in business, and satisfactory safety rating. Simply put - excellent choice.

    Good luck with your move,

    Alex Z. @

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