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May 03, 16:01
Question by SharonPM (Sharon)

Is there a way to avoid shuttle service charges?

I had 3 estimates done. 2 companies said I may need a shuttle, one charges 500 the other 700 for a shuttle, I don't think I need one but I think these companies may be better than the one that didn't suggest a shuttle. I'm afraid if I go with one of the 2, they could make me use a shuttle just for the extra charge. Is there anyway of avoiding this?

May 03, 18:12
Answer by bobfein (Bob F.)


First of moving companies rarely make money on shuttle services, because it only adds to operational overhead.

The only case when you will need shuttle service is when a long distance truck cannot access your house or apartment complex. In that case there are typically two possible solutions: one is to rent a local truck, reload the shipment from the trailer to that truck, and then deliver the items to your location. Another is to hire a local moving company that will do the work, but even then the foreman of the long distance team must be present to finalize the transaction.

Both options are costly and add extra complications and a risk of damage as a result of extra unloading and loading of the items.

In your case I would recommend first to check if there is a real chance that you will in fact need shuttle service. Then make sure you have the possible shuttle services listed on the Order for Service and that their flat amount is also listed (meaning that is you close on $500 for the shuttle this figure will not suddenly change upon delivery). Those charges should not be included in the flat price (which I hope will be the basis of your deal with the mover), but only added in case shuttle was needed.

Then, after the pick up you should be in touch with the dispatch and the driver, and constantly verify the location of the long distance truck with your shipment. Then on delivery you need to close with the driver if the shuttle in fact is needed. If the situation at your destination does require shuttle service - then there is nothing you can do but to accept the charges.

There is also an option for you to take the shuttle on yourself, or on a local moving company that you could hire yourself. At least it allows you to control the situation and the extra charges (if you rent a truck and ask friends/family to help you haul the shipment from the location of the long distance truck to your new home).

Good luck with your move,

Bob F. @

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