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Apr 26, 22:36
Question by heavin2 (Jeanette Massucco)

Does it matter if my flat price is based on weight or volume?

I see that you recommend the best way to go is weigh the goods. However if they give you low estimate, load it on the truck, the weight comes to lot more and too high, they take off, and then charge more then you expected... The flat fee based on cubic feet, if you agree to that method, cannot change - why would anyone care how much room it takes? Am I thinking the right way? I am wondering, because I maybe will be going with the flat fee option. Do I need to know up front how much my shipment is in cubic feet? In fact I think I am going with Flat Fee Movers. A little higher than I thought but have won awards & can find nothing negative on them. I should let you check them out. JM

Apr 26, 23:25
Answer by julie (Julie Owens)


First of all its a good thing that you insist on the flat fee. Thats a number one tool against being scammed.

I assume you refer to the previous question that I answered few minutes ago (Moving estimates by cubic feet vs. moving estimates by pounds). In the answer I mentioned that you should not go for any open deals by cubic feet (the ones that can easily change), and if you choose to gamble on the price then at least do it with the weight of your shipment.

Flat price deals are no gamble (although there are ways for scam movers to break flat prices, so beware...), and practically it does not really matter if it is based on weight or volume. However, even flat fee deals can be used to scam people, and with a flat fee based on volume it is much easier to do then with those based on a weight estimate.

So if you have a choice demand the company to give you a flat fee deal based on on-site estimate based on weight, and make sure that (a) you know what is the weight of your shipment on which the price is based, and (b) you have the right list of items attached to your deal and it lists all the items you will be moving.

We will run the investigation on Flat Fee Movers in a separate thread now.

Good luck with your move,

Julie Owens @

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