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Apr 23, 11:35
Question by lahasia30 (Jamilah Wilkins)

Would it be cheaper to move myself, or should I hire a moving company?

Hello, How much would it cost me to move from Jamaica New York 11434 to North Eastern Pennsylvania, zipcode 18403? Do you think I will come out cheaper hiring a moving company or renting a truck and packing up myself? I have: - 1 large glass wall unit - a sectional couch that seperataes into 4 pieces - 1 tall spider lamp - 10 bins, but I could pack those in my Suv and drive those there myself if I have to.

Apr 23, 23:50
Answer by bobfein (Bob F.)


First of all, although your move is technically considered long distnace, it is much different from moving to California. It means that the company can deliver your items in one day, without keeping it in transit storage and loading it to interstate truck, so you can as well hire a local mover. In any case, your move will probably be charged by hour and not by weight.

Lets see first what your move consists of:
  1. You have only few items, but those items are bulky. From what I see the volume of your shipment should come to less then 380 cubic feet (fits a 10' moving truck). Assuming that you can break those two big items into smaller sections and pieces that size of truck will be enough.

  2. To move those items the following needs to be done:

    • The sofa needs to be broken into 4 pieces, and each piece needs to be at least wrapped with stretch wrap. To stay on the safe side I would also wrap them in moving pads.

    • The glass wall unit requires serious dis-assembly and packing of the glass units, and it could take several hours to do that, and later on several hours to unwrap and put it back together. For that purpose I recommend using lots of bubble wrap and frame boxes for the glass pieces, and also moving blankets to wrap the pieces of the wall.

    • Other items do not require any special treatment and can be moved as is.

      • Now to the trip. On the map its 2 hours plus, but we know New York - so this "plus" could be (or should I say will certainly be) another two hours or more. Bottom line is you don't know how much it will be.
Now lets evaluate two scenarios:
  1. You move all by yourself. In that case if you rent a Budget or Penske truck (Uhaul is highly not recommended by the way) it should cost you something like $300 for 2 days. With gas, tolls, refreshments, ets. it would come to lets say $450. You should also buy all the moving supplies (read this thread about a good place to buy them). That would cost you another $50 to $100 the most. The total for your move in that case should not exceed $550.

    The downside of it is that you will have to do all the assembly-disassembly work, packing, loading and unloading, and driving the truck (I would recommend you to check to learn how to handle the loading right). You are looking at spending a whole day if not two doing quite hard labor that requires some expertise, and also driving a truck.

  2. Hiring a moving company. If you hire a moving company you will most probably be charged by hour. In that case you will need two movers and a truck, which would cost $80-$90 an hour. Then you are looking at about 4 hours to pack and load the items (I once spent 9 hours moving just one glass wall unit with another guy from Westchester to Rockland, so I know it takes a lot of time to do it right), about 4 hours to drive to PA, another 4 hour to unload and reassemble the wall unit, and 4 more hours travel time back that you will pay for. In addition, it is usually twice more expensive to buy the moving supplies from the movers on the day of the move then buying them online prior to the move, so add another $100-$200 for the packing materials.

    Total it comes to 16 hours or so. With tip you are looking at $1300-$1500, or even more. So in that case it is clearly cheaper to move by yourself.

  3. Mixing the two options. You can also do that: do the packing and disassembly-reassembly yourself, and only hire the movers to load-unload and transport the items to Pennsylvania. With that option you wouldn't need to rent a truck and worry about driving, and you will only pay around $700 for transportation plus $50-$100 for the packing materials. A bit more expensive, but you save the trouble of driving the truck by yourself.
I hope that helps.

Good luck with your move,

Bob F. @

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