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-> Storage questions
Apr 18, 22:22
Question by heather (heather)

Local move in Houston area

Hi, We're moving our 1800 sq. ft house to climate-controlled storage for 6+ mos. while we travel. We do not plan to move any appliances or much furniture. I feel we'll have 1500sq ft (or less) worth of stuff, since we don't take appliances. What prices should we expect for loading? Would a portable storage be better? Thanks, Heather

Apr 19, 10:45
Answer by julie (Julie Owens)


It is quite difficult to give an estimate of volume or weight for your move, but I will allow myself the freedom to assume you are talking about somewhere between 800 and 1200 cubic feet (it could be less of course). To give a better estimate you would be required to give a detailed list of items, or at least provide the number of rooms and how densely those rooms a furnished.

Here is how typical storage rooms translate to maximum volume (assuming you pack them to 8' up):
  • 5' X 5': 200 cu/ft
  • 5' X 10': 400 cu/ft
  • 10'X10': 800 cu/ft
  • 10'X15': 1200 cu/ft
  • 10'X20': 1600 cu/ft
According to that you will probably need a 10' X 15' unit (if you leave more stuff behind then 10' X 10' might be enough).

Now to the storage types. I am not sure mobile storage companies can offer you climate-controlled option, for that purpose you should contact them and ask about it (you can try to get several mobile storage quotes here). Personally, I am a big fan of mobile storage, I think its a very good idea for the consumers.

If you can find a climate-controlled mobile storage, or if you settle on a regular mobile unit that would be a better option for you money-wise then renting a self storage unit. Here are the advantages:
  1. Mobile storage companies bring the unit to your house, drive it back to the storage location, and later bring it back to you again. No need to rent a truck and drive it, or hire a moving company to do it for you.

  2. Mobile storage companies often offer you packing/loading helpers as part of the price (but that service might turn to be more expensive then finding your own moving helpers)

  3. Your items are only moved twice - into the unit and out of the unit. Other options require your items to move at least 4 times.

  4. If you plan to do your own loading its easy, because the storage unit is located on your property and you can take your time loading everything without stress.
Now to the prices of moving help. If you choose to store in a self storage unit it is the same as a local move, so you can just hire a moving company that will come with a truck and 3-4 helpers to load your items, deliver to storage and move into the unit. The prices for that service might vary depending on the company you choose (you can request several free estimates right here). In general in your case it should not exceed $600-$700, although it also depends on how well you will pack your items prior to their arrival.

Now regarding packing and loading. We recommend our visitors who plan to do their own packing or who plan to rent a truck and move themselves (or both) to purchase a set of DVDs from a company called (see out thread about this company). Those two DVDs will help you learn the professional way of packing your boxes, and (what is more important in your case) how to load your truck (or a storage unit for that matter) so that your items will all fit in it and will not get damaged during transportation.

Just $12.95 a piece, very recommended.

Good luck with your move,

Julie Owens @

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