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Apr 18, 21:46
Question by heavin2 (Jeanette Massucco)

What are those companies that big van lines refer you to?

Hi, It appears from what I have read that if you contact Allied Van Lines you are not getting this big company, but someone they send. Is this so? Are they responsible for who they recommend?

Apr 18, 22:17
Answer by julie (Julie Owens)

Let me first explain how the big van lines work:

Allied Van Lines and all other big van lines own interstate trucks and transit storages, however they do not have offices and local trucks in all places in America. Instead they use local companies owned by local businessmen as their agents.

Big van lines do not accept agents randomly. In fact, to become an agent of a big van line a mover has to show some good and solid history and fulfil many requirements (each van line have their own requirements).

Once the company becomes an agent of a van line they are allowed to operate under that van line interstate authority and insurance, and they get inspected and evaluated by the van line to maintain good level of service.

So basically when you contacted Allied and asked them for a quote you were redirected to their local agent in your area. You are still served by a large van line, however the one who will provide you with a pick up service (or the entire move, if its local) is their local agent.

Keep in mind that some agents are excellent, others are OK, and some are so so. Therefore I would still recommend you to check that agent's consumer record on our site before making your decision.

Good luck with your move,

Julie Owens @

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