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Apr 17, 14:24
Question by JJNY36 (JJ)

Wrapping the funiture with paper moving pads

Normally moving companies use blankets to wrap furniture which they take away when they unload. In my case I need my furniture remain packed/wrapped as they will be put into storage. My funriture are real wood hence heavier. Also have a 3 pc sectional couch. I have heard different recommendation like shrink wrap, bubble wrap, funiture pads and even buying blankets. I need it be protectd during moving as well as when it's stored. Any thoughts on funriture pads. Never use them and since it called "paper", how strong can it be? What is your recommendation? Thanks.

Apr 17, 15:14
Answer by henry (Henry Peterson)


You will be surprised to learn how strong those "paper" blankets are.

First of all, in your case I would not recommend relying on the movers, because you will end up paying too much for the packing materials.

Second, I would suggest the following solution for your furniture:
  1. Use stretch wrap to wrap your furniture. Its good for the storage since it protects your furniture against dust, dirt, and gives some protection against moisture and scratches.

  2. Use paper moving pads to wrap your furniture with. Here are the advantages of those pads over the regular moving blankets:

    • They are much cheaper. You can get 12 paper pads for less then 2 moving blankets.

    • They are disposable. I don't know if its an advantage or a disadvantage for you, but in any case I don't think you want to keep any moving blankets in your apartment after the move.

    • The pads are triple-cushioned, and basically provide you with the same protection as the regular fabric pads.

  3. Finally, to stay on the safe side I would recommend you to ask the movers to add protection by wrapping your furniture with their blankets on top of your paper pads. This way you add protection during the move without adding to the cost, and you also maintain a very good level of protection for the storage time.

Finally, bubble wrap might be just too much, unless you have some delicate features, edges or corners you might want to extra protect. In fact, for edges and corners I recommend buying edge/corner protectors.

And also - if you choose to buy all those supplies then do your own wrapping to make sure everything is well covered and the movers only need to wrap the furniture with their blankets and move it.

Good luck with your move,

Henry Peterson @

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Apr 17, 15:56
Comment by JJNY36 (JJ)

Thanks a lot. Many of the moving companies use blanket and they advised they can leave it and charge me for it. Recently 1 moving company came up with paper pad suggestion hence was researching it.
Appreciate your detailed answer.

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