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Jan 22, 05:29
Question by littlebirdpaints (littlebirdpaints)

How to Protect a Painting for Moving?

What is best protection for packing a large painting?

Feb 09, 12:50
Answer by ()

 Congratulations on your move! To secure your painting, you will need to wrap it with paper, tissue or bubble wrap. Donít try to wrap two or more items together as they will surely break. It is okay to use newsprint, but best to use this with glassware, and to wash the item before use. Donít use newsprint with light colored or white ceramics as the ink may leave smudges that may be hard to erase. Bubble wrap is the best (if most costly option), but remember to secure it with adhesive tape so it doesnít slip off.

Make sure that your painting is wrapped tightly and double-check with your movers so that no accidents or damage occurs.

Good luck with your move,


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