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Aug 20, 08:36
Question by grace (Grace)

What is the best place online to buy moving boxes and supplies?

Me and my husband are in the middle of preparations for our move from Kansas to California. We have a 5-bedroom house and lots of things to box up. What is the best place online to buy cheap professional moving boxes and supplies? How reliable are those online companies in terms of delivery to the mid-west? Thank you, Grace

Aug 20, 08:52
Answer by henry (Henry Peterson)


Before we started this service we have done our own research, looking for the best moving supplies company to refer our visitors to.

We discovered an interesting situation: despite the fact there are literally hundreds of websites offering moving boxes and supplies for sale, there are only around half a dozen of real companies that actually keep warehouses and ship the supplies to the consumers.

All other websites either belong to those companies, or are their affiliates, but only few of them actually name the company standing behind the actual delivery.

The company we established as the best in terms of product quality, price, and delivery is SmartPack Solutions LLC. This company owns several websites (the ones I know about are, and

The obvious advantages of SmartPack are cheap prices, good quality branded boxes and supplies, and fast delivery (they use UPS and have warehouses in Fresno, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and Jacksonville). For example, deliveries to Kansas are made from Dallas and take up to two days.

The only place where you can buy cheaper boxes of similar quality is Uline, however they offer their products mostly to businesses and their typical bundles count hundreds of boxes. SmartPack have their kits arranged specifically for the needs of private consumers.

You can check their inventory and prices here.

Good luck with your move,

Henry Peterson @

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Feb 13, 21:58
Comment by julie (Julie Owens)

Here is an email we received on February 09, 2007 from one of the customers who purchased some boxes from SmartPack through our service (I changed the name and email for privacy purposes):

Name: Gail T****
Email: j********
Subject: Feedback on your services

I am moving in a week and just decided to buy boxes for the move. I got up on the Smartpack Solutions website and saw the wardrobe boxes. This was a good price for 3 of those boxes and with free shipping, it was the best deal out there. I ordered the boxes and they arrived the VERY NEXT DAY! I am so impressed with this company that if I need more boxes for this move, I will be sure to order from Smartpack! Thank you for a very good company and GREAT SERVICE!!

G. T****
Alexandria, VA
That one is a very happy customer :)
We forwarded this email to the SmartPack guys - after all this good feedback in on THEIR service!


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