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May 13, 06:28
Question by n.jeyanthi (Jey)

Help on Choosing a Moving Company

Need some tips and guide in choosing a moving company for an international move.

Aug 19, 15:17
Answer by cmorris (Charlie Morris)

Hello Jey,

Like a regular move, an international move is no easy feat. The additional work of obtaining visas, transferring kids to different schools, packing and getting rid of your stuff and perhaps even learning a new language -- all while looking for movers-- can add on to the stress of moving day. We hope we can ease part of this experience with our handy tips on how to choose a moving company for your international move.

1. Research, Research, Research: Your international mover should be a reputable and experienced company that has good relationships with all of the other points of contact, and should be able to provide you with complete tracking of your shipment from start to finish.Check with friends and family members for their recommendations, as well as online resources such as Get three to five quotes from licensed and professional international moving companies that have proven experience handling moves to your chosen destination, and make sure they come to your home to see EXACTLY what you have to move so you can get an accurate estimate.

2. Check Credentials and Experiences: As you research and meet with prospective movers, be sure that they have actually experienced moves with respect to your particular country and/or region of the world. Ask them questions about these specific experiences such as size of move and if there were any problems. This prior experience and its answers to your questions about how your move will be handled will help you gauge your chosen moving company’s capabilities to handle your move.

3. Ask About Charges: Moving internationally can be expensive given the number of parties involved and the distance your goods will be traveling -- your cost per pound will be considerably higher than a domestic move. The charges for your move are based on the weight of your goods, and are priced at a flat rate that will include full services.

4. Verify Packing Materials: Most countries will not allow a shipment into the country that has not had the packing and inventory of the goods performed by a professional moving company – that’s because the mover must adhere to a strict list of items that cannot be shipped, as well as a long set of rules as to how they must inventory your items.

5. Get an Estimate in Writing: Regardless of what is discussed and promised when you meet with a mover, get an estimate in writing. We have heard numerous horror stories come moving day where the estimated price was double or tripled. The in house estimate and bill of landing is your proof of agreed upon terms.

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Good luck with your move,

Charlie Morris @

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