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Nov 11, 15:08
Question by tsao_fan (tsao_fan)

Significant delay in cross-country move

I just moved from Washington State to Washington D.C. My goods were picked up on October 21. Today is November 11, and I still haven't received my shipment. In other words, my goods have been in transit for 22 days. The mover does update me with the cause of the delay, i.e., series of mechanical breakdowns on the truck. However, they refuse to commit to a revised delivery date and are simply saying something to the effect of, "We're working on it. We'll get there when we get there." Is there anything I can do about this?

Jan 13, 16:10
Answer by ()

On the Bill of Lading from the moving company, there should be a designated area that denotes when delivery is suppose to occur. You should contact the company's corporate office and report the problem to the Department of Transportation. If this does not resolve the matter, you can also contact the state organization this company is based in, which is this case would be the Washington State Transportation Commission. 

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