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Feb 10, 17:54
Question by metz1055 (Max)

Getting on site estimate - is it good to have many items boxed up?

We have four moving companies coming to give us an on site estimate in a few weeks. Is it okay that I have about 85% of my things in boxes already? Thank you M

Feb 10, 21:33
Answer by julie (Julie Owens)


Having your smaller items already packed in boxes is even better for the visual estimate.

Here is the logic behind it:
The goal of visual estimate is to estimate the size of your shipment and to offer you a flat price based on that estimate. Having your items already packed in boxes reduces the guesswork in regards to the actual number of boxes you might have at the day of the move.

During visual estimate the estimator will make a list of all your furniture, household goods, and boxes. Each item's volume is evaluated (cubic feet) and the result added up. Then this number will be multiplied by (usually) 7 (1 cubic foot of household goods on average weighs 7 pounds, although some companies have their own average, so make sure you check what it is, since it should not exceed 7).

Estimating boxes: typical moving box is either 3, 4.5 or 6 cubic feet, and often 6 cu/ft box is lighter then 3 cu/ft one, since you put heavier items in smaller boxes and vice versa. But on average if you sum up all your boxes volume and weight you get a 1:7 ratio.

Good luck with your move,

Julie Owens @

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