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Oct 09, 14:13
Question by kwiczulis (Kathy)

What do I need to know about using a trailer for storage?

I am bulding a house and need to move out of my current home 6 weeks prior to my new house being completed. I have rented a tractor-trailer to store my things (furniture, clohtes, etc). This trailer will sit outside in my new driveway for 6 weeks. What steps should I take to protect my things from moisture, mold, etc while it is in storage?

Oct 14, 15:53
Answer by julie (Julie Owens)

First off, make sure you can park a tractor-trailer in your new driveway for that long until moving into your house. Some city ordinances forbid it, as do homeowners associations. If nothing else, you might get some dirty looks from the neighbors.

Second, go to the company that is renting you the tractor-trailer and inspect the trailer for possible leak issues. Go inside, close the doors, and look for any daylight cracks. If you see any daylight, water will be able to enter there. Historically, freight trailers have leaks, so be sure to check this out. (And make sure the trailer they deliver is the one you inspected and approved.)

Even when you get a tractor trailer that you feel won’t leak, I would still line the walls and ceiling with a tarp or cover everything in plastic, especially since you’re storing it for such a long time. And depending on where you live, you could face a big issue with moisture, so be careful what you store there. If you have some items that are invaluable or more susceptible to moisture and thus mold (wood products and the like), I would rent a temporary storage space.

You also need to be aware of theft. One thing you could do is to back the trailer so that the doors butt up against the house. This will make opening the trailer doors impossible (unless the robbers tear down your house, in which case you have other problems…).

Finally, also think about insurance -- will you be covered under your homeowners insurance?

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Good luck with your move,

Julie Owens @

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