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Sep 27, 10:16
Question by rossmj2 (Melissa Spaulding)

How much should I tip the driver?

I am moving cross country, from New York to Oregon. There is one driver who will drive my furnture acroos country, and then movers from Oregon meet him to unload the truck. I understand how much to tip the movers, but what do I tip the driver? He loads, unloads and drives. Thank you.

Oct 05, 09:07
Answer by ()

The driver should be tipped as well, and heís usually tipped more than the movers since heís involved in both the loading, unloading and driving. The driver often also serves as the crew chief, with whom you'll have more of your interaction for your move (he'll take your inventory, etc.).

Thereís no hard and fast for how much to tip. You could decide on a lump sump youíre comfortable with for tipping, and then divide it among the movers, perhaps giving the driver 10% more than the others.
As far as when you do it, you could tip just the moving help at the loading, and then tell the driver heíll get tipped at the end of the move after unloading. Or, you could tip him at the loading and the unloading.  

Tipping varies. Some say it should be 15% of the move, but that can add up. Itís really whatever youíre comfortable with. This article explains more about tipping.

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Oct 11, 09:43
Comment by info (thierry)

I was just about to write an article about this subject as it sometimes can be very tricky to how what to tip the driver.
You should consider the concept of tipping the driver as leaving a tip and service charge when going to the restaurant. You really do not have to but can do if you consider the job has been conducted to your expectations.
A tip can be anything from just a few dollars to your valuable but unwanted furnitures.
I have recently tipped a removal company in Essex more than $50. The job was so well done that I just felt I had to give the guys a decent tip.

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